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(This game contains some possibly obscene language not suited for all audiences.  Y'know, f-bombs and the sort. Please play at your own discretion.)

Welcome to the World of Dark!

Explore a black-and-white world full of odd and (hopefully) humorous characters and settings! Grab gems, talk to residents, run, jump, and explore the world through a cramped and rambunctious first-person interface as you slowly make  your way towards the Dark King's Castle and find what fate awaits you there! Be safe, little one.

Possibly Important Playing Info:

> Windowed mode is recommended, fullscreen available but NOT recommended.

> For best results, play on the highest quality at maximum resolution. Only 4:3 resolution is available for now, sorry :( .

> The game is pretty ear-grating to be completely honest, I'm not all that great with sound/music, turning down the volume is very much recommended.

P.A.Q. (Possibly Asked Questions) :

Q: What is this?

A: It's my game! To be more specific, it's my first game! I didn't put a tremendous amount of effort into the quality of this project, so it's definitely not a very conventional game nor likely within most people's tastes, (or possibly even any good in general) but maybe it's within yours! I'll let you be the judge of that, and I hope you enjoy it!

Q: What can I play it on?

A: This game is a windows executable!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Free! Absolutely free! I don't consider this a project I've put a decent amount of commercial effort into, so I think it's only fair I make it free to play, as well as making this project I'm proud of available for most to engage with! Huzzah!

Q:  How do I play?

A: With a keyboard and mouse, you use WASD to move, SPACE to jump, SHIFT to sprint, and certain other buttons in response to dialogue, all while moving the MOUSE to look around! 

Q: How long is the game?

A: While it really depends on your playstyle (goal-oriented being faster, exploration-oriented being slower), the game is overall rather short albeit with light replayability. A single playthrough could be as short as three minutes or as long as fifteen.

Q: Is there controller and/or [x] language support?

A: Sadly, not as of now. This is a really low-effort personal project of mine, and as such there's not a lot available in it in terms of any sort of customization or setting. Your best bet would be an update, but it's unlikely I'll make many significant additions to this game in the future if any.

Q: Speaking of which, will the game update?

A: It's hard to say! I don't see myself spending much more additional time on this project, and while I do feel the game is rather short and I do have ideas for potential new areas and content, it's not unlikely I'll be moving on to focus on either a new project or going back to class considering the time of writing this.

Q:  And speaking of that, do you have any other games?

A: As of writing this there are none that are publicly available. However, I definitely plan on making more! I'll probably continue to upload to itch.io for a while, so if you'd like to keep up to date with what I make consider following me here! (Is follow the right word for itch? It gets so confusing across different websites, I swear.)

Q: Wow, I happen to really like this game! Where can I see more of your art/games?

A: I thought you'd never ask! Except I did because I'm writing this. https://twitter.com/dynas_games is where you'll find my game twitter as of writing this, and my personal page which has more non-game work and that sort of stuff should be in the bio!

Q: I for some reason like the music and/or am interested in it, where can I listen to that?

A: I have no idea why you'd want to do that, but here's the soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/user-520623371/sets/world-of-dark-ost (I'll make better music in the future, I swear.)

This game is free to play, and while donations are very much appreciated, please consider a more important cause if you know of one. Thank you. 


(Webpage Art by Mothpebbles)


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